Regarding cowboy poet, Jessica Hedges:

"Jessica's obviously really, really talented. Her material floated to the top because of the quality of her presentation and her material."

~Charlie Seeman,Executive Director of the Western Folklife Center

"Jessica's ability to take a common, everyday experience, such as cooking dinner or doing laundry, and put a ranch life spin on it has made her poetry popular with both men and women alike. She has also drawn the attention of a younger crowd that is searching for a grounded lifestyle that is real in a fast-paced, computerized society."

~Jennifer Denison, Western Horseman

"When Jessica writes poetry about the buckaroo lifestyle she is writing from a firsthand knowledge of the things she has actually seen or experienced. This puts her apart from many other western poets that tend to glamorize or write about the way they 'think it was.' When you add this hands-on knowledge to her keen, observant eye and sensitive nature, you come up with a very unique individual that can write poetry that truly touches the souls of those of us who have lived it and also those that wish they could have."

~Mackey Hedges, author of Last Buckaroo and Shadow of the Wind

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